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Travel Options for Single Women

Women’s Own Travel Club

Carlson Wagonlit Port Credit Travel, in celebrating their 51st anniversary as an airline appointed travel service, has opened to women of the travel world an innovative and pioneer project long overdue – a Women’s Own Travel Club.

The concept and reality of a Women’s Own Travel Club is intriguing and refreshing. Women wishing to travel solo have been constrained by prohibitive cost, lack of security, fear of solitary travel and inaccessibility to suitable peer companions.

Our target audience is a group of women who have overcome life-changing events, divorce, illness, empty nests, and want to celebrate life. They are retired ageless women, young professionals, homemakers, caregivers, cancer survivors, educators and businesswomen. They are mothers, daughters, sisters and best friends who have finally decided that it’s about time they did something for themselves. Approximately half are married but their husbands aren’t interested in taking cooking classes in Italy or strolling through the tulip fields of Holland. These husbands find comfort in the fact that their wives are traveling safely with an escorted group and are coming back with their dreams fulfilled.

Our Women’s Own Travel Club is ready to serve you by encompassing member-based seminars, social and travel networking opportunities that provide women with common interests together with those seeing change to unite in learning, conversation, camaraderie, adventure and growth. We will endeavor to match you with a suitable traveling companion if this is what you wish or find you the best price on single accommodation if you don’t choose to share.

We encourage your feedback, comments and insight. We will keep you updated on trips just for women, tour companies that offer ‘no single supplement’, seminars and presentations that enable you to make contact with a suitable traveling companion and we will be pleased to organize and work with you to plan any tour, cruise or theme holiday for your own group. Garden tours, church and religious groups, theme-based cruises, tennis and golf groups, food and wine villa tours in Italy…your ideas are limited only by your own imagination. Give us the challenge and we will give you the world.

If you book your group through us, we charge no service fees to organize the trip and can often offer a tour leader discount if there are sufficient travelers in the group. We will be pleased to discuss your travel plans and see where your horizons can go and where your imagination and the help of our Team can take you.

To learn more about our Solo Women Travel program, please call Yvonne or our Team at Carlson Wagonlit Port Credit Travel.

We will be pleased to provide you with a secure and confidential profile to complete and return to us.

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